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When considering home improvements like awnings it’s important to think about the advantages of having a local supplier and installer. There is no substitute for local knowledge. Plantation Shutters works in and around your area so they understand the look and feel of homes surrounding your suburb - the elements that give it the unique character for example. Plantation Shutters also knows the climate and environmental challenges of your local surroundings and they can advise you on what awning solutions would best for you from a practical point of view.

The other great thing about having a local supplier like Plantation Shutters is that they’re close by. If anything goes wrong, they’re just a short drive away. You won’t have to wait forever for them to get to you. Dealing with Plantation Shutters also means that you’ll be able to build up a rapport. They’ll grow to understand your needs over time and when you see what great service they've provided you with, you’ll know that you’ll be able to ask them with complete confidence for their recommendations of any other suppliers who’ll be able to help you with any other home improvements that you might have for your home.

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  • Fabrics used
    Canvas PVC Sheer Mesh
  • Operation Methods
    Folding Arm Motorised Arm Electronic Sensor Arm
  • Common Uses
    Awnings | Folding Arm Awning | Drop Arm Awning
  • Cleaning
    Things That You'll Need:  ·  Dishwashing Liquid  ·  Warm Water  ·  A Large Spray Bottle  ·  A Sunny Day Method: ·  Mix 50% Water and 50% Detergent into a Large Spray Bottle.  ·  First, use a long-handled broom or broom brush - depending on the height of the awnings - to clean off all the dry dust, cobwebs, bugs and leaves.  ·  Take care not to miss any awkward places.  ·  Repeat this process on both sides of the awning.  ·  Once you've dusted the awning, generously spray the cleaning mixture on.   ·  Using a thick-bristled broom or a long-handled broom, scrub the awning all over allowing a lather to form.  ·  Rinse the lathered suds away thoroughly and allow the awning to air dry.  ·  When the awning is totally dry, apply a weatherproof fabric sealant onto awnings.


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